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Common Foot Ailments
Plantar Fasciitis
Heel Spurs
Flat Feet
Mortons Neuroma
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HTP Heel Seats
Dr. recommended HTP Heel Seats that cure the problem, not the symptom. Medically proven to reverse Heel Spur growth and cure Plantar Fasciitis. Buy with confidence

120 day, No questions asked, Money back guarantee.

Hi, I’m Art Smuckler, C-Ped, and inventor of the HTP Heel Seat, a product clinically proven and very well received, by clinical patients and you! Dealing with heel and arch pain is so difficult. How simple this age old modality was to solve. To understand more of how pragmatic and unforgiving heel pain can be, and how wonderful this innovation is, we will start with the development of Heel That Pain.

For years, people have sought their doctor’s medical attention, gone to physical therapists, had shots of questionable steroidal drugs, gone through surgical procedures, and worn countless types of over the counter pads, cushions and gels. Patients have tried nearly everything to try and deal with a problem called Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs.

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Medical Grade Night Splints

Plantar Fasciitis splints are normally worn at night during sleep or during rest after activity therefore called “night” splints. The most common severe pain and inflammation of plantar fasciitis is experienced in the morning, which causes the first few steps to be excruciating. The position the feet and ankles are held in as we sleep promotes cramping of the fascia and calf muscles.

When feet are pointed under the weight of the blankets the plantar fascia muscle is contracted (shortened). Those first steps in the morning are painful because the muscle which has been contracted all night is suddenly stretched and pulled. The Night Splint works as a team with the Heel Seats giving you treatment at night and during the day to target and correct the problem... not the symptoms.

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Spenco® Insoles
Spenco® Footcare Products improve overall foot comfort. they’re the first choice for thousands of Podiatrists and Medical Profeessionals who refer patientsto insole retailers for most common foot conditions (plantar fascities, over-pronation and supination).
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Glycerin Filled Massaging Insoles

Most back and knee pain can be corrected with realignment of the bones in the foot. Humans were meant to walk barefoot on soft ground, not wearing high heels, crocs, clogs, flip-flops or thongs! Because the liquid Glycerin is self leveling your foot actually FLOATS on the Glycerin. The Glycerin is then evenly distributed under your feet filling in the low pressure points and taking pressure off the points of your foot that typically bears all of your body weight.

The realignment of the bones and distribution of your body weight takes a tremendous amount of pressure off of your knees and back. Our massaging insoles also work with acupressure points on the foot providing natural foot pain relief. Within 2 to 3 days you will see a dramatic difference in foot aches, lower back aches and knee pain.

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